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Very soon I'll share with you the life and times of RON ROCROC COCHRAN
Mean while here's my basketball resume just tap it.
   Ronald DOCROC Cochran better kown then as "CIG" 17 years old, doing my thang, 1979 at University of Detroit's Calihan Hall Detroit Public Schools PSL play offs, Kettering High School vs Northeastern High School. Northeastern a supprize win over Kettering as we where sellected #1 in the state of Michigan at the beganing of the season. I relay enjoyed myself that night even thow we lost I showed myself and the world I could school up the best.  During that whole year I proformed, I could be a power player with the best in the nation. after just one year playing high school basketball in a time when Detroit was in the top 3 cities in the nation if not the TOP. I finished that game with 16 points, 14 rebound, and 5 block shots. Over all I had a great once in a lifetime senoir year my best game that year was against Cass Tech High School 20 point, 20 rebound, 12 block shots and I made All City honorable mention. after being benched 4 games straight. 1979, shout out to all my teammates and student body, staff and friends who help personally and fans, to make that one of the best years of my life PEEAACCEE !!
1979 One Nation Under a Grove, It was nice a time when a basketball players had real repect in the city of Detroit !!
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Ron DOCROC Cochran, # 22 Coahoma Jr. College 1983