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   The true ART of BASKETBALL, as I was taught to me over forty years ago, is more than just playing for the players who love the game it's a form of physical acts that can be executed on the basketball court nothing short of artistry.  But as with any skill it takes time, hard work, patient practices and a true understanding to perfect this wonderful game.  To be all times in complete control of the ball in hand and looking around at the entire gym floor, knowing what's going while you run the floor at full spend most of the time and all at the same time is not easy, but very possible with proper training.  We would be honored to take you and your child on a journey down basketball line watching he/she develop over years of working hard and practicing a lot.  Becoming one of the elite player and starting to entertain you and your friends and the entire community with their basketball expertize.  

Becoming one with the ball, THE ZONE !

   Once upon a time I experienced for myself that beautiful time when I had truly became one with the ball it became a part of me and I a part of it.  When I held it in my hands it was like family, friend it was like me.  During those time when I was in the zone.  It was like a out of body experience but at the end of the game I had a close to perfect performance it was ah sum and 20 years later after all my life experiences I'm on a mission to teach it to the young lovers of the game and I can't wait.