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Detroit's famed east side Pingree Park where I learned to play the game from some of the best GOD bless me and my friend Bo Crutcher with the time and energy to have this tournament for the youth that Detroit forgot. I grow up here and for 30+ years there was not and still is not a productive Basketball community center with in 3 to 4 miles. But we all LOVE THE PARK!!!
Detroit's own Pingree Park I grow up balling at this park when Detroit basketball was the best in the country.  I was a life experience I'll never forget.  Wooow hooping with the best being taught by the best as the years went by and many many people ask where did I learn to be so smooth, I would till them at pingree park I learned about one million moves from a lot of great men to many to name but I thank them all.  The park was my home away from home I loved it.  As a child I allways wanted to come back and give a basketball tournament on the park and god blessed me and friends and community to do it 3 times and they all where great.  And I would just love to do it one more time anybody with me ??? 
Detroit Pingree Park
Detroit Pingree Park
Detroit Pingree Park
Detroit Pingree Park
Neighborhood Basketball Clinic GO Gino GO !!  Glad to help you out let's do it again Thanks big bro
Where you at GINO ???  Give me a call DOC ROC !!
If some tells you there ant no good volunteers in the community, get away from them quick !!!
The late but great Carl (BO) Crutcher In dedication to the REAL DEAL BASKETBALL PROGRAM
and his strong FAMILY !!
   My friend Bo, was a real community builder we often talked about the old neighborhood and the people who gave love, time, energy, money and anything else they could get their hands on, to better the youth.  We didn't agree on everything, but there was one thing we agreed on and that was our neighborhoods and the people who lived there.  I remember the elders in my community and how they took the time to volunteer and made the kids do it also, they didn't ask kids they made them get involved.  This guy taught me a lot about putting a program together, when I said let's make a plan, he said we just talked about it.  When I said we need a budget, he said, will get the money along the way,  When I said we need help, he had already did it.  When I said let's talk about a date for next month, he said let's do it next week.  What I'm saying is that he didn't wait a long time to get it started.  There was times we started a program and didn't get any money until we was doing the tournament on the spot, yes it was hard, yes we could have been more organized, but we pulled it off and that's the most important thing of all when it comes to community building  is to produce. Learning how to take nothing and make something is a dieing art, but for folks who don't have a lot of money we must return to making something from nothing and here are the basic ingredients.  To make something from nothing first you need a idea, then you must add hope, then pour some pride in, once you have those you have to blend them all together with some action and if you don't get the desired taste put some more action in it and keep putting action into it until you get it right.